Odessa is a multi-disciplinary creative currently based in Toronto.  

    Upon spending a foundational time as a designer in Montréal, Odessa’s work expands beyond a single medium. A collection of slow crafted skills, the fermentation brought by both time and dedicated hands, has led to Odessa’s evolving body of work. 

    She currently works as a freelance photographer in Toronto. When she is not behind the camera, she is researching sustainable textile practices, receipe developing, and foraging in the favourite place: the forest. She is also the founder of No Such Thing Studios; a bifurcated business offering both handmade ceramic homewares and sewn garments. 

    Her work has been exhibited in Spain, Portugual, Montréal, Toronto, Massachusetts, and Belgium.  

If you would like to contact Odessa for future project inquiries please reach out via email.  

→ odessadobbie@gmail.com

→ nosuchthingceramics


Toronto, ON